About Us

Hello, I am In-Young GONG, the CEO of SafeTechResearch Co., Ltd.

Our company was established through technical investments of maritime traffic safety-related technologies, such as ship handling simulator technology and maritime traffic safety assessment technology, KRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering. It is the first spin-off research company of KRISO and also registered as No.33 spin-off company at the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea.

With the establishment of SafeTechResearch, I temporaly resigned from KRISO where I had been working for the last 25 years and became the CEO of SafeTechResearch Co., Ltd. Our company has the design, construction, and operation technologies of ship handling simulator system and expert technology specialized in maritime traffic safety assessment technology.

Based on these core source technologies, our company has been the only company in Korea directly producing ship handling simulator system that can be used for various purposes. Using this simulator system, we have been professionally carrying out many kinds of maritime traffic safety assessment projects that assesses the maritime safety for ports or harbors, fairways at their initial design stages to minimize problems and to enhance traffic safety. In addition, our company has recently made a contract with KRISO for technical transfer of autonomous navigation technology of USV, striving to commercialize unmanned technologies.

We will do our best to make our company become the top level in these fields in the world through continuous technological development, and put all efforts to meet customers’ needs and expectations with the mindset of doing their best.

Thank you very much.