Maritime Traffic Status Survey

▶ Maritime Traffic Flow Survey

  • GICOMS data by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries or local maritime traffic survey for at least 72 hours
  • Survey on the maritime traffic status of target sea

▶ Analysis on the Characteristics of Maritime Traffic Navigation

  • Analysis on the traffic flow and traffic characteristics of traffic flow
  • Analysis by tonnage and ship type and proposes track chart for each
  • Analysis and the assessment of average navigation by time and peak time navigation
  • Proposes the maritime traffic stoppage or improvement plan

▶ Maritime Traffic Congestion

  • Quantitatively assesses the proportion of current traffic compared to the maximum maritime traffic that the sea route can accommodate
  • Assesses the maritime traffic congestion by sea route specified in the technology applying maritime traffic safety assessment and maritime traffic congestion assessment
  • Assesses the maritime traffic congestion on average and at peak time for target sea

Maritime Traffic Flow

▶ Maritime Traffic Assessment

By setting the shipbuilding environment similar to the sailing navigation (frequency of appearance by ship type, ship size, and route) to analyze the current ship collision risk and potential collision risk, this technology suggests the quantitative results of sea safety assessment and the risks of sea along with solutions.

  • Performs maritime traffic situation modeling and maritime traffic flow simulation
  • Assesses the operational stress of navigator

Ship Handling Simulation

▶ Ship Handling Simulation

  • Uses 3D Full Mission simulator equipment that is internationally recognized to perform ship handling simulation on situations with the completion of target business construction.
  • Target ship modeling (shape and control performance)
  • target sea modeling (completed the construction of target business site, construction progress, etc.)
  • Target sea environment modeling (tidal current, wind, depth of water, wave, etc.)
  • Pilots and experts of the target sea participate as ship operators to assesse the safety of maritime traffic in the target business site through ship handling simulation.

Mooring Safety

▶ Mooring Safety Assessment

  • Sensitivity analysis according to mooring cable conclusion and environmental conditions through mooring interpretation considering environment external force, ship, and mooring characteristics.
  • Performs load/unload and mooring limit analysis and assesses the limit conditions for target ships to safely moor on the target berth
  • Analyzes the mooring tension, mooring bollard of the target berth, fender critical load, etc. of the target ship considering environment external force.