Ship and marine environment model required for ship handling simulation, The model of the ship is a general arrangement (GA: General Arrangement) and ship image data, and create a characteristic model of the ship by using sea trial report and ship data such as model test. Maritime environment models use the data produced and distributed by a national agency and to make 3D models of coastline, mountainous areas, and constructions as well as 2D models using the depth of water, tidal current and level, etc., creating a similar navigational environment as real.


The database level of SafeTech Research is top in the industry, as experts with the highest capabilities in the industry apply their own special techniques with continuous R&D to make all shapes need for simulation such as ships or ports. Also, the company owns more than 100 ships and 90 of the WORLD’S major port data and maritime models. We have developed our own simulation SW, and design various UI according to those characteristics.

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